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2023, Color Awards, 7th EDITION INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, London - Serie of " Inside the city of Arts and Science"

2023, Monovisions, 16th International Color Awards, Fine Art - "Silent Lagoon"

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

2023, FAPA 9th Fine Art Photography Awards, Landscape - "The whisper of Silcence"

2022 NOIR  - Photographer of the Year 2022  - Museum de Arte Contemporanea de Niterói


2021 PX3 Fine Art Photography Awards Paris  - Serie "ON - UM DOIS TRES"

2020, FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards, London - Serie " Harbor City"

2020, Annual Photography Award - The Hall of Kings & Queens

2020, Chromatic Photography Award - Area 19

2020, 15th Spider Awards, Beverly Hills, California - Secret

2020, PX3 Photography Awards, Paris - Strings of Major & Minor

2020, Monovisions Photography Awards, London - Strings of Major & Minor

2020, MIFA Moscow international For Awards, Moscow, Russia - Free Soul

2020, ND Awards, 

2019, 13th International Color Photography Awards, Beverly Hills, California - EAT

2019, Monochrome Awards - Aus Serie: Strings of major & minor

2019, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Tokio, Japan - Serie: THE BIG M

2019, 14th Annual Black & White Spider Awards - Beverly Hills, California, USA Serie: Area1 +2

 2019, - 3rd Place - IPA International Photography Awards 2019 -  Category: Automobile Serie: "Rolling Beauties"

2019, -Honorable Mention- IPA International Photography Awards 2019-Category:Architecture Serie: "Paris - From Dark to Light"

2019, -Honorable Mention- The Minimalist  Photography Awards 2019 Category: Architecture Serie: "El vision"-"Ciudad de las artes y ciencias"

B&W Fine Art - Plan B

Modern architecture worldwide.

2019, -Honorable Mention- 5th Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 International Photography Award Category: Architecture

Serie: "El vision"-"Ciudad de las artes y ciencias"

2019, -Honorable Mention- IPA International Photography Awards 2019 Category: Oneshot Street Photography

Lifestyle (urban scenery)  "In Between" Havanna




Svetlin Yosifov

Rolf Hillert

Sherry Akrami

Achim Korber

Fadhel Almuttaghavi

Gerasimov Platanas

Jorge Pimenta


I would generally group my photographic work under the heading “Architecture”. I am very fond of morbid, modern or futuristic buildings.

Architectural concepts and extraordinary design inspire me. Living spaces full of inspiration in shape, color and structure.


Places of great charisma captivate me. Mountains, lakes, habitats, cultures and powerful nature give me strength and inspiration for creativity and compositional, photographic visions. Being able to travel to many countries shows inexhaustible wealth and creative stimulus.


My intention in this form is to show a kind of minimalization of the landscape. LTEX offers the best way to implement my ideas. Through this I show the viewer landscapes that he can not see in the wild.


Lost Places


France, Italy, Polen, Germany 

Silent beauties with impressive mood and story telling.


Macula On

The Idea of this project is based in a mix of conceptual Photography and Graphic. Minimal and sometimes desaturated.