Sublimation 2019 Mailand & Arles

SUBLIMATIONS is a part of Voies OFF festival in Arles which will take place in GALERIE DES ARENES between 23nd and 28th of July, 2019

Since 1996, Voies Off Festival offers an alternative program (exhibitions, projections, portfolio reviews, professional panel discussions) to a new generation of artists and photographers. Since its inception Voies Off has made a commitment to help young creators. The actions and goals of its program are designed to help and sponsor young fine-art photographers, to display and promote their works with the highest quality, and in the best manner possible.

Voies Off offers personalized support to young photographers by organizing more than 1.600 portfolio reviews: individual meetings of 20-min between photographers and professionals of the contemporary photography. Art critics, publishers, galerists, iconographers, directors of festival, members of collectives, agencies… For the reviewers, it is one of the best way to prepare a future programming and to discover new talents: a lot of them are looking for new collaborations.

Curated by Rodica Tanase and Lika Brutyan.

SUBLIMATION Arles 2019 aims to exhibit highest quality art works of new voices in contemporary photography and also to connect the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring art works in print, in person and online.


Arles:Galeries des Arenes vom 23-28 July 2019

Vernissage 23. Juli 6pm